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We will leave no stone unturned.  Our work starts before we ever get to your home.  Prior to coming to your home for your initial consultation we will assess the competition in your neighborhood and the demographics in order to come up with a strategy to make your home the most outstanding home in the area.  During our initial consultation we will uncover the beauty of your home inside and out by walking through and discovering the positive features of each room and then planning on how we will add “icing” to those features in the form of gorgeous accessories to create a sense of space and an environment that buyers will fall in love with.  We will incorporate a plan to downplay any negatives and we will make a list of any needed home repairs.  The goal will be to use what you already own.

Staging will net you a return on your investment with the goal being to avoid a price reduction!


We will meet with you and spend up to two hours discussing your goals and how to receive the maximum return on investment for your home improvement dollars (over 2 hrs prorated @ $135/hr).  We will evaluate your home starting at the curb, and do a room by room analysis with our “buyer’s eyes” to gather those important first impressions.  Digital photos will be taken of each room.  If time permits we will give you a quick demonstration of the difference home staging makes by transforming an area of your home.  We will end with a proposal based upon the amount of work needed to obtain a quick sale for top dollar.


After completing the initial consultation, we will schedule your staging day.  We will do as little or as much as you need.  We can provide hands on staging services for all rooms or just one or two rooms as discussed in the initial consultation.  We will repurpose and redesign your rooms using what you already have to create the look that connects buyers emotionally.  We will take beautiful digital photographs for you and your agent to use in your marketing efforts.   We may recommend you purchase certain accessories.  If you do not like to shop or you are not sure what to get, please consider using our shopping service.  We will happily shop for you and/or with you.


We start with an in-home consultation  to discuss your style, and what you would like to achieve in your room(s).  We will determine the room’s focal point.  We will decide which rooms to redesign and then set the date.  On redesign day we will “shop” your home for items that will enhance the transformation of your room.  We will use your furniture, lighting, art, and accessories to redesign your room, creating balance and harmony.   We will achieve the beautiful look you want.  After the redesign, we will provide you with a list of suggestions for things you may need to purchase to complete the new look.  You can purchase the items yourself, or you can use our shopping service.


This service takes the stress out of the move to your new home, whether you are downsizing, upsizing, combining households, buying or renting. We do an initial consultation  to analyze your space, keeping in mind your personal style and desires for the use and function of each room.  Then we create inviting, functional, and beautiful rooms using your existing furniture, lighting, art, and accessories.  This will enable you to relax and start enjoying your new surroundings!

(Consultation fee waived if consultation was done by us on the home you moved from)



Moving is stressful for anyone but can be overwhelming for seniors.  Whether you are downsizing, going into assisted living or going to live with relatives, we want to make this journey to your new home as stress-free as possible.  We will determine which items are most important to you and are the “must haves” in your new home.   We will help you to decide what to do with the items you will not be taking.  Once your treasures arrive at your new home we can help you to unpack, organize, arrange furniture, hang pictures, and dispose of the empty boxes.


If you like the accessory ideas we discuss but are not comfortable making the purchase decisions on your own, or maybe you just do not have the time or desire to shop, $ell It Sooner! Home Staging & Redesign will shop for you and/or with you.  Before we shop, we will set a budget and stay within the set budget.   If later you decide you do not like a particular item, you will have the receipt and the ability to return it (in accordance with store return policy).   Another reason to shop through us is that some retail stores offer a designer discount that Sell It Sooner! Home Staging & Redesign will be happy to pass on to you.


Are you looking for the perfect gift for the person who has everything?  We offer gift certificates for all of the services we provide.

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When selling your home Sell It Sooner! Home Staging & Redesign will maximize your home’s value by creating a universal appeal that potential buyers will desire using cost effective solutions. We want you to Sell It Sooner! and for top dollar! Redesign is all about you. We will redesign your space whether you own or rent, to specifically reflect your personal style while staying within your budget. Your complete satisfaction is our mission.